Welcome to Blue Harbor

Right across the river from downtown St. Paul, Blue Harbor is the new hub for literary, cultural, artistic, social, and business innovation in the Twin Cities. We are:

  • A center for writers to gather, write, commune, learn, and live the writer’s life.
  • A space that can hold up to fifty people, which allows for an intimate musical, thought-provoking, or artistic experience.
  • A place to explore and create a postcapitalist future, while the old forms of capitalism crumble around us.
  • A community focused on manifesting unique gifts in the world.

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Blue Harbor Events Calendar

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Blue Harbor is the idea of Anthony Signorelli, business consultant, intellectual, and the author of Speculations on Postcapitalism. Anthony is the author of two books, numerous courses and webinars, and dozens of white papers. From organic farming to the corporate boardroom, Anthony’s life experiences have provided him with a unique perspective on business, climate change, social analysis, and creative thought.

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